Celebrating 60 years

We're on a mission to change the way the world sees disability and expand the possibility of every person we support at Multicap. 



"Throughout the past 60 years, we have created opportunities, championed possibilities and inspired partnerships of support. Our journey has not been without its challenges but our passion for every individual’s right to connect and realise the possibilities available to them, drives us to always believe there is a way.

As Multicap celebrates our 60th year, I encourage all our wonderful customers, employees and partners, past and present, who have helped make us what we are today to take the time to celebrate our successes throughout history. I’m looking forward to shaping our exciting future together."

Jo Jessop, CEO Multicap


From humble beginnings in a church hall in Brisbane, the Multicap story is rich in history. 

60 years ago, five families were needing support for their young children with complex needs. Over the last six decades, Multicap has grown and evolved with its foundation families into an organisation with a broad service offering.

From social and skills development activities at our Community Hubs to increasing independence through supported and assisted employment and training opportunities. From housing and accommodation services to facilitate a young person's first move out of the family home, to bespoke support options to meet a person's unique needs through any phase of life. 


The quality of life of people with disabilities and their families has been, and continues to be, enhanced by our support.

Our passion for every individual's right to connect and realise the possibilities available to them, drives us to believe there is a way. We create opportunity. We are champions of possibility. We inspire partnerships of support. Our door is always open. 

Growing with you for more than 60 years


In March 1962, after years of being turned away from existing organisations based on the nature of their children’s disabilities, our five founding families held the first  Inaugural Meeting for the Multiple Handicapped Association of Queensland. The Association opened its first centre in New Farm, Brisbane to support a total of 23 young individuals.



In 1973, to accommodate a growing group of customers, the Multiple Handicapped Association of Queensland bought a piece of land in Eight Mile Plains, naming it ‘Multicap Meadows’. This was the beginning of the name ‘Multicap’, which soon became known across Queensland and beyond.



In 1985, Multicap expands its service offering and geographic footprint by purchasing a five-bedroom property in Mudgeeraba on the Gold Coast to offer Short Term Accommodation (then known as Respite Services).



The 90s saw the beginning of Multicap’s Employment services, with Monte Lupo opening its doors in 1991. Initially operated at Sunnybank Hills Shopping Centre, Monte Lupo later relocated to Eight Mile Plains where it remains today.

Multicap expanded its employment services in 1993, with Premier-Pak (now known as Makeables) opening.



Throughout the noughties, Multicap expanded to Rockhampton and Mackay. That wasn’t all, with customers also now having access to new social and creative art programs, known today as our Avegates Experiences and our Centre of Creative Arts. 2006, saw Multicap’s Critical Response STEPS service commence.



After 50 years of dedication, Multicap continued to expand throughout regional Queensland with services being available in Roma, Emerald and Toowoomba, as well as across the border into northern New South Wales.

Recognising 50 years, Multicap celebrated by publishing “Stories that Connect Us”, a story book honouring the past and giving strength for the future.


The end of the decade saw the rollout of the Federal National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) across all Multicap operational regions, following a four-year transition period.


2020 - 2021

Despite challenges of COVID-19, we are achieving big things in the 2020’s establishing partnerships with both Breakaway and Open Minds in 2021.



Today, we continue on our mission to change the way the world sees disability and expand the possibilities of people with disability.

We continue to respond to the evolving needs of our customers – ensuring we provide the necessary support and opportunities to improve and enhance their quality of life.


Throughout history, we remain dedicated to being here for our customers in all ways, always. 


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