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Welcome to Multicap’s Central Queensland services

Multicap provides services across Central Queensland covering a large geographical area from Maryborough in the south to Rockhampton in the North. We provide centre-based overnight and day respite, community access and centre based learning and life skills programs including an arts based program designed to develop artists’ skills in different genres of art.

We support people to live in the community in supported living arrangements. We also run Avegates, a very successful social support program that also provides social experiences and assisted holidays that anyone can access.

We offer a range of individually tailored services designed to fit you and your family's circumstances. Some examples are listed below.

Our Services

Independent living and accommodation services - throughout Central Queensland
Accommodation services are where individuals are assisted by support staff to live successfully in the community encompassing all aspects of daily life. People may need support with a range of life skills including medication management, personal care, complex and/or chronic health needs, community access, as well as finance and cooking supports. Typically support staff have a base location within the accommodation facility and provide tailored support according to each person’s needs. Support can range from dropping in at key times of the day, to 16 hours of support and a sleepover arrangement, and in some instances staff spend the night ensuring supports are provided when and if the need arises.

Multicap provides independent living and accommodation support in a range of different housing arrangements including houses that Multicap has purpose designed and built where we are the landlord, houses that belong to State Governments, housing that belongs to other community housing providers and houses rented from private landlords.

In addition we can provide overnight accommodation for emergency situations.

Overnight respite service - Rockhampton
A lovely modern 5 bedroom home, owned by Multicap, and offering short term overnight respite for people with a disability. Stays typically range from one night up to seven nights and extended stays are possible by individual negotiation. Activities including dining out, attending local attractions and attending social activities with internal and external partners. The home has fully accessible bathrooms, beautiful outside living areas and transport is also available. Our Multicap Rockhampton service currently provides both overnight and day respite to over 70 people and their families.

Community and centre based day programs
We are pleased to offer a variety of leisure and learning activities promoting friendship, independence, continual learning, community connections and leisure tailored to individual taste and need. Our social support and Avegates (see Assisted Holidays below) programs provide social experiences and supported holidays to over 100 customers. Our programs are flexible and person-centred and programs are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure we are meeting the needs of our customers.

In-home support – (Statewide)
Flexible supports offered to an individual in their own home, at times that best suit them.  All services are individually quoted so people have maximum choice and control. Supports could include but are not limited to; personal care, support with banking, medical appointments, medication management, home duties and preparing meals, community access and attending social activities.

Specialist Services (Statewide)
Multicap Specialist Services provides consultative support services in disciplines of planning for self directed supports, person centred planning, positive behaviour supports, therapies and allied health services. The vision of Specialist Services is to support increased quality of life for individuals and families Multicap supports across Queensland. More about Specialist Services.

Assisted holidays (Statewide)
Avegates is Multicap's very own social experience network and our events are open to everyone! The Avegates program is all about joining an exciting social program where individuals can choose from an adventurous menu of real-life experiences. Sometimes challenging and always positive, Avegates is famous for adding confidence and building abilities. More about Avegates.


Did you know?

  • We have facilities in Rockhampton, Gladstone and Emerald that support around 200 people across many different programs.
  • Multicap employ 90 staff across these regions that are highly motivated and trained to provide person-centred support to each individual that comes into our service.
  • We offer flexibility and choice in our service, we ask the people we support about the services they would like and we actively strive to improve the service experience our customers receive every day.
  • We are part of our community and we work closely with other community organisations to ensure our customer needs are being met.
  • We pride ourselves on offering exciting and fun filled experiences, learning new skills and social interaction.
  • The security and safety of those we support in our communities is as important to us as it is for their families.


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