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Unlocking your creative potential is about to become more accessible...just head to your nearest Hub!

The creative arts have always been important to us at Multicap, from our famous Monte Lupo ceramics and artworks, to our glorious Southside Singers choir, and every customer's creative achievements in between.

For more than 13 years, customers at our Eight Mile Plains Hub, and more recently our Rockhampton Hub, have had access to our unique Centre of Creative Arts (COCA) program.

COCA offers training and skill development in different art forms to encourage customers to tap into their creativity and discover new ways to express themselves.

Rebecca is just one of many COCA students who have enjoyed the program over the years. "I have been coming to COCA for about five years, and I love it because it's fun, and it's easy ... sometimes!" Rebecca said.

"My favourite project so far was when we painted designs on shoes, and the Eco-Art project we are doing now."

Rebecca's creative instincts and artistic experience helped keep boredom at bay while in self-isolation during the height of the pandemic.
"I couldn't come to COCA because of COVID, I was stuck at home. I was thinking of things to do. Then one day I had an idea to make cards. I called my support worker, Jacqui, and said 'I have a good idea!"

Rebecca then started making greeting cards for Christmas, birthdays and Easter, even selling some to family and friends.

COCA expanding to more Hubs

Multicap is excited to announce that over the next six months, a new COCA program will be rolled out across our Community Hubs!
The new COCA model will develop each student's skills in a chosen art form, before preparing and mentoring them to create pathways of employment and entrepreneurship.

During the first 12 weeks of the program, customers will learn skills and develop artworks and products, learning from arts facilitators across a selection of up to 10 different art forms.

The following 12 weeks then focus on training students in 'market ready' skills such as setting up and running exhibitions and performances, creating label designs for products, and collaborating with other artists. Students are supported to promote and sell their work to a wider audience through showcases and potential mentorships and grant opportunities.

Creative Arts Program Manager Suzanne leads the new COCA program and says it will help discover and support talented artists, as well as increase opportunities for people with disability. "Artists with disability are under-represented and under-employed in the creative sector. The COCA program offers creative pathways for people with complex needs, from arts training through to social enterprise."

"The unique perspectives and experiences of artists with disability can transform the way art is presented and enhance audience connection. This program can create visible success stories, role models and equitable access to employment."

"The benefits of this program include a range of physical, emotional and social skill enhancements. The goals allow for the power of personal choice in self-expression, an outlet for feelings and emotions, sensory development, improvement of self-esteem, and opportunities to develop social skills and independent employment."

The COCA program will roll out in stages, with the first three Hubs starting in October 2020. Keep an eye out on the COCA section of our website for more information soon!

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