Meet your Centre of Creative Arts facilitators!

Donna | Eight Mile Plains | Contemporary Dance

"I have worked at Multicap for the past four years. My favourite part of my job is seeing joy through movement and creating themes, and the progress in customers' performance and movement range over time.
"I love teaching Dance as it's my passion. It amazes me how therapeutic dance is for the mind and body. Movement is our communication and a way of expression.
"More people should get into the creative arts as it is the core of life. Working within the creative arts I see so many customers become more confident in themselves with who they are and what they can achieve.
"The Creative Dance team at Eight Mile Plains worked on a performance for the Holi Festival in February 2021. They learned Bollywood movements that they named themselves and learned to choreograph these movements into a dance piece. They have enjoyed choosing music and using props such as fan veils to make the dance performance full of colour."

Jack  | Robina  | Choir

"I have been a musician for the past 20 years or so. I love the way music brings everybody together and stimulates people. The energy produced is contagious.
"My favourite part of my job is the customers who attend the program engaging with enthusiasm.
"Our Choir program at Robina focuses on expressing yourself using sound as a medium. We experiment with different animal sounds, sing songs, play percussion (body percussion – clapping hands, stomping feet or tapping knees) and play musical instruments from time to time as well.
"We are currently working on a list of songs to be performed in our chosen style and showcased in the Gold Coast community.
"All the customers attending really enjoy it and get loads out of it!"


Nicole| Capalaba | Public Arts and Painting

"I am an interdisciplinary artist and love ALL art forms. The first two COCA programs at Capalaba Hub have both been based on painting, one at mural size and the other on small-scale works.
"Both projects have been accessible to all customers and embraced by everyone. What they have produced have been great accomplishments.
"The Painting Program is exploring paint as a medium, various application techniques and different surfaces. COCA students are developing their own style in mark-making and preferences in techniques.
"Artist statements for the pieces are being slowly developed, and we are working towards holding an exhibition in a public space, which we are hoping will be opened by a local Councillor. The Painting crew are very excited, and we are only halfway there!
"Being involved in the creative arts, whether as an active participant or a viewer, feeds back into so many areas of your life.
"The impact can be educational, joyous, inspiring, nurturing, confidence building and more, affecting not only you but filtering through to those who surround you."


Denise | Eight Mile Plains and Ipswich 

"I started work at Multicap in November 2013. I have always been an Art Facilitator but have worked in Social Enterprise and Hub Art programs, Avegates Art and Centre of Creative Arts, always as an Arts Facilitator.
"At Eight Mile Plains we have been working on Public Art – Festival Lanterns, Printmaking, Ceramic Art, and Acrylic and Watercolour Painting. At Ipswich we have been doing Acrylic Painting.
"My favourite part of my job is I just love being on the floor seeing people advance in their skills and enjoy working on projects that bring them joy and self-confidence. I love that look on their faces when it all comes together and they are proud of doing what they do. There is a beautiful moment when you see that customers know they have done well, it's on their faces and it's powerful.
"I've worked in Ceramic Art for 16 years but studied and love many different artforms. Imparting my knowledge to another and seeing them enjoy the process is the best part of the job.
"Not only is art a visual way of communicating your message but art helps you problem solve, helps you with your emotional intelligence, helps you express yourself in a visual medium which is great for customers who are non-verbal, art keeps you thinking. Creativity is so good for the soul.
"In printmaking, we have been working with Commercial Stamps, Linocut, Chine Colle, Monoprint, and Screenprint. In Ceramics we learn about pinch potting, coiling and slab building and are making both functional and sculptural pieces. In Painting, our groups are working on canvas in two different subjects, Abstract and Down the Bottom of the Garden, and also being inspired by the greats, Mondrain, Van Gogh, and Jackson Pollack."


Michelle | Nudgee | Painting and Textiles 

"I've been working with Multicap since December 2020. In my art practice, I am continuously working across multiple mediums. I enjoy teaching art and design across many techniques and approaches. I love playing with colour in both paint and fabric as well as the tactile nature of techniques like weaving and macrame. 
My favourite part of my job is meeting new people and sharing time together whilst being creative with any materials we have at hand. I love watching customers leave a session full of pride and happiness at accomplishing something new and making something beautiful. 
"The creative arts are an important and integral part of our society and culture. Being involved in the arts can improve wellbeing and critical thinking. Artists give voice to a unique perspective on contemporary life; it’s very important (and a human right!) that the voices of people with disability are heard and seen in the creative arts and wider society. That said, it’s a whole lot of fun to be creative! 
"In our painting program, we are having fun exploring both colour and mark marking; how they work together to create works of art. Our budding artists are developing their own styles and preferred ways of painting as they work towards a public exhibition of their artworks. They are enthusiastically painting about their unique interests and creating a series of works. We also chat about artist careers, for example, learning how to talk about our paintings at an exhibition opening and how to write artist statements for exhibitions." 

Find out more about our Centre of Creative Arts (COCA) program here.


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