Lance joined Multicap’s Pine Rivers Community Hub in 2010. Lance was living with his family, married and attended Multicap services a few times a week.

Life was good. However, just before Christmas in 2015, that all changed when Lance’s father passed away.

In his will, Lance’s father left the house to his three sons, including Lance’s brother Kerry, who has an intellectual disability - just like Lance. Unfortunately, one of the people Lance trusted most in his life saw an opportunity to take advantage of the situation and all of the money disappeared. With no money left to make the house repayments, the brothers lost their home. Homeless and stranded, Lance had to move to the other side of Brisbane and, importantly, away from his support networks that he relied on so heavily. For the second time in his life, Lance soon started being exploited for another’s financial gain. Within ten short months, Lanc lost everything; his job, his car and he was $15,000 in debt. 

Eventually, Lance decided to ask for help. When he was ready to reconnect, Multicap Pine Rivers was his first poin of call. We couldn’t have been happier.

Along with his friends at the Community Hub, the staff at Multicap helped Lance get back on his feet. He got his job back, he bought another car and he is getting on top of his debt. Importantly, Lance and his brother Kerry, who is his best friend, finally have a safe place to call home gain.

One of the community activities that helped Lance cope with the ups and downs of each day was the Inter-Service Cup. A day based around rugby league where people with a range of disabilities come together on a football field to kick a goal, throw a pass and make new friends.A day that focuses on achievement and where inspiration is aplenty. At Multicap, we always look for ways to enhance the lives of people with disability. Ever since its conception ten years ago, the Inter-Service Cup continues to do this.

Lance has played rugby league with the Pine Rivers Tigers for the past three years, even captaining the team one year. Playing with the Tigers has allowed him to maintain a focus in his life, even through his low points. After a full day at work, Lance proudly drives himself to the football grounds to spend his Tuesday nights training for the big game. His commitment to his team goes hand in hand with the way he is committed to rebuilding his life.

“It does get a bit cold out there,” Lance said. 

After he finishes training, Lance has a recliner chair at his huse with his name on it. 

“I just doze off and go to sleep.”

Lance feels like he is back to his normal self again. He has been back with Multicap Pine Rivers for the past 18 months and has a girlfriend Naomi, who he met at his church. 

Sporting opportunities, including Multicap’s Inter-Service Cup, gives Lance, and so many others, the chance to enjoy the benefits that sport offers.

With your help, we can provide people with disability, like Lance, the opportunity to play the sports they love.