Frequently Asked Questions

What’s happening?

Because of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Multicap are adjusting services and operations to keep customers, team members and the community as safe as possible.

How are you keeping Multicap customers safe?

We’ve put in place a range of actions to reduce the risk to our customers, while continuing to deliver our services. You can read more about how we’re keeping our customers safe on the Protecting Our Customers and the Community page and how Multicap has responded to Coronavirus on the How Multicap is Responding page.

Are there any cases of Coronavirus within Multicap?

To date, we have not had any confirmed cases of Coronavirus among our customers or team members.

What happens if a customer shows symptoms of Coronavirus?

If we have a customer who shows symptoms, we will refer the customer to a medical professional and follow the direction provided by them, and will escort that customer to a medical service if required. If you have concerns about symptoms or potential exposure to Coronavirus, visit our Information on Coronavirus page for health authority links and resources.

What happens if a team member shows symptoms of Coronavirus?

Multicap team members have been instructed to not attend work if they are feeling unwell, and to self-isolate and seek medical advice if they are showing any symptoms related to Coronavirus. They are required to provide a medical certificate and abide by all government regulations before returning to work if they are suspected of having Coronavirus. 
If you have concerns about symptoms or potential exposure to Coronavirus, visit our Information on Coronavirus page for health authority links and resources.

Is Multicap closing down or stopping services?

No. As a disability support provider, Multicap is considered by the government to be an Essential Service, and we have hundreds of people who rely on us for vital support every day. We are continuing to operate as normally as possible. 

To make sure we keep people safe and to abide by government regulations, we will pause or amend the delivery of a few of our non-essential support services as required. Visit the Latest News and Updates section for more information.

What services are affected?

A few of our group-based activities and social support, and other services may be amended in line with current government advice and restrictions. You can find the latest information on changes to services on the Latest News and Updates page.

I’m a Multicap volunteer, should I turn up for my shift?

Unless otherwise directed, Multicap volunteers can return to our services but must abide by any health checks and measures in place as instructed by Multicap. Volunteers should contact their supervisor for more information. 

My family member/friend lives in a Supported Independent Living (SIL) home, can I visit them?

There may be restrictions and requirements applicable to our accommodation services, including a restriction on permitted visitors, depending on the current state of community transmission and government directions. Please find more information on our Accommodation News and Updates page. As the situation can change rapidly, we advise anyone who wishes to visit a Multicap accommodation service to please call ahead and to follow directions of staff.

We are making individual arrangements with each person's family or decision maker as needed. We are also encouraging our residents and their support networks to stay in touch via phone and video calls.

Is this going to affect my NDIS plan, my plan budget and the services I receive?

For any questions regarding your NDIS plan, budget, or if you need to arrange a plan review, please contact your Support Coordinator if you have one. You can also call the NDIS on 1800 800 110, or find and call your nearest office. Please note that due to social (physical) distancing measures, the NDIS have reduced face-to-face meetings.

How can I explain what’s happening to my family member/friend? 

This is a confusing and stressful time for everyone, and may be particularly distressing for some people living with disability. We’ve developed some great resources for customers which explains what’s happening and why it’s important to follow the government regulations: click here to visit our Support Resources page. 

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Where can I get more information? 

The following are links to external websites and resources:


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