Avegates School Holiday Program

Our Avegates School Holiday Program offers lots of fun activities to keep children engaged and entertained during school holidays.

The success of our Avegates School Holiday Program has seen it grow, with it now operating across five locations across Queensland. The program is designed to provide fun and engaging experiences for school-aged children with disability throughout the school holidays that enable skills development, and connection through positive friendships and relationships with their peers.

Each day of our Avegates School Holiday Program offers new activities and experiences for all children attending. Activities have been developed with NDIS goals in mind and are designed to encourage all attendees to have an amazing time and make some great new friends!



How much does it cost? 

Costs for supports provided are generally claimed through NDIS funding. In addition to the support costs there is a small out of pocket fee charged for each day which depends on whether or not you would like food provided for your child on the day. This additional cost is not claimable under NDIS funding. Additionally, if you wish to pay out of pocket for the support costs this can be arranged, please contact our team directly for a quote.

What training do staff have?

We have fantastic fully qualified support staff, who all have current Medication Administration Training, Advanced First Aid and CPR, and Blue and Yellow Cards.

How to book in

All customers are required to complete a booking form together with the activity calendar for their desired locations. This ensures we have NDIS details, support requirements and authorised collection sign off.

New customers are also required to complete an additional customer onboarding information. This ensures we have all the information about your child and what they like, don’t like and specific things we need to know to ensure they have a great time!

Completed forms are to be emailed through to avegates.experience@multicap.org.au


June/July 2022 Avegates School Holiday Program currently accepting enrolments

Click on your preferred location below to download the latest activity calendars. 


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Want more information or need to contact us? Call us on 1300 135 886 or email avegates.experience@multicap.org.au


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