Welcome to Monte Lupo

When you grab a coffee, some delicious food, or purchase one of our beautiful items, you are not only getting a unique piece of artwork, you are also supporting a person living with disability to have meaningful and creative employment.

At Monte Lupo, the beautiful artwork you see in our cafe, gallery and online store is created in our arts studio at Eight Mile Plains.

Our supported employees manage each step of the production process including preparing the clay, glazing and painting. Each detail you see is unique to the finished product and a testament to the hard work of each of our team members. We also do work on commission as requested.

Our collaborative approach has been enormously successful across a wide range of roles, empowering artists and service staff of all abilities. Whether it’s producing fine arts, fine food or making a great cup of coffee in our cafe or coffee carts, you are helping our supported employees to realise their potential, growing their confidence and giving them a career path to take them into their future.

Giving people living with disability a chance to express themselves through art is not just valuable therapy, but also provides an opportunity to develop new skills and build their confidence. With the right assistance, Monte Lupo artists gain a special sense of purpose, creative expression and engagement with the wider community.

Artists here can proudly say they have accomplished a great deal, while embarking on a creative career within a supportive team. Working together is central to the Monte Lupo approach and many artists contribute to a single piece of work, utilising the strengths of each individual artist. Every artist has a story which we endeavour to share with you.

Thank you for your support and for being part of our story.


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