2017 Christmas Appeal

Tony's Story

Before Tony got sick, he was one of the most flexible, reliable employees that Rose, a Makeables Service Leader, could ask for.

Tony, who has been part of the Makeables team for the past 10 years, would happily do any jobs Rose asked him to do. “He was always so reliable – I could ask him to do anything and he would be happy to help out,” she said.  

But on February 15 this year that all changed when Tony suddenly collapsed on the floor of his share house. 

A CAT scan revealed a huge tumour in the middle of his brain, a tumour so large the doctors originally thought there were two of them. Although it was benign, Bill, one of Tony’s support workers, said the pressure of the tumour on Tony’s brain was causing him to lose his peripheral vision. It was also affecting his vital organs. The prognosis was not good. The doctors were reluctant to operate and suggested Tony’s support workers just take him home and do what they could to make him as comfortable as possible. However, Tony’s support workers weren’t going to give up without a fight.  

“He didn’t have a voice so we needed to speak on his behalf,” Bill said. 

In June this year, Queensland surgeons successfully removed 99 per cent of the tumour. 

Tony lost all vision in his right eye after the operation, but has started to get some sight back in his left eye. Although his sight will never be as good as it was, the important thing is that Tony is back at Makeables, where he belongs.  

Rose said Tony has greatly improved since returning to work. But it isn’t just his work that is getting better – he has his motivation back. 

“I am so proud of what Makeables is able to provide to the community. They are like a family to me,” Rose said. 

Tony’s story is just one of many we hear at Multicap. With disability affecting almost one in five Australians, it is our sole purpose to enhance the lives of people with disability, like Tony. 

Giving people with disability the opportunity to work at Makeables allows them to develop their skills, gain greater independence and confidence, and gives them an opportunity in life they may otherwise not get. Starting from just $87 per week, people with disability, like Tony, can gain paid employment and be part of the Makeables family. 

We are investing in creating strong working futures for our assisted employees and more jobs for people with disability. 

So this Christmas, help us give the gift of hope to those who need it 
and help us provide 500 weeks of employment. 

Every donation of $87 employs a person for a week of work, so please give generously. Christmas is a perfect time to show someone that you care so please help us to help others.