Music Therapy Goes Digital

Our popular program has continued throughout COVID-19 restrictions, thanks to the enthusiasm of our customers.

Music Therapy sessions have looked and sounded a little different lately, as the program went online due to social distancing restrictions.

Music Therapist Queenie Ngan said customers were eager to get involved, and working with customers while they were at home had added benefits.

“The online sessions are going really well, and families have said that they are willing to continue to support online services because it supports the growth of our customers during this time when they may not be able to see us in person – it’s like we say, all ways, always!"

“Family members have been there to support our customers so they can see how they participate, engage and respond, plus they also get to know more about music therapy and join in."

“The support workers can also learn more about how to support the customer to get everyone on the same page."

“We try to keep activities the same as our face-to-face sessions, and customers are also finding creative ways to play instruments at home, such as banging on pots and tables,” Queenie said.

Sessions are either one-on-one or in groups with multiple customers dialling in to work with the music therapist, providing an added bonus of socialising with other customers while playing music together.

One of our customers, David, was the first to take part in our online Music Therapy sessions, which his mother Joan says have been a great experience.

“David has always liked Music Therapy but connecting online has bought a whole new appreciation for him,” Joan said.

“He has joined me in connecting with a group via Zoom before, but Music is his own time to use an internet platform. It has helped his maturing and creativity."

“We spent quite a lot of time experimenting with different containers and eventually came up with a 600ml plastic bottle with rice which made a shaker for him to use. He was very excited about this which helped the creative process."

“He enjoys choosing the song to sing and learning to take his turn to select a favourite. He likes to hear others making their choice as well."

“This is the fourth session and he has enjoyed each one. The one-on-one sessions have been wonderful but I believe that connecting with others made it even more enjoyable."

“Thank you for this amazing opportunity to participate in this way during such a strange time in isolation,” said Joan.

The online version of the Music Therapy program is having greater benefits than first imagined. The increased accessibility is attracting new customers in regional areas who don‘t live near a Multicap service area, allowing us to provide services to more people with disability across Australia.

If you’re interested in taking part in either our online or in-person Music Therapy program, click here to find out more on our Music Therapy page.




Image: Multicap Music Therapist Queenie runs an online session with two customers via Microsoft Teams

Main image: Customer David plays the tamborine during one of his Music Therapy sessions.



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