NDIS Frequently Asked Questions

Multicap is committed to assisting our customers with a smooth transition to the new NDIS funding model. To better understand this information, we gathered the most commonly asked questions from customers, parents and guardians to help you along the way.

Q. What is a Support Coordinator and what do they do?
They are designed to assist participants to build the skills they need to understand, implement, and use their NDIS plan. Their role is to ensure a mix of supports are used to live more independently and be included in the community. Multicap’s independent Support Coordination service can help you to get the most out of your funding package and put your plan into action. Call Multicap on 1300 135 886 for more information.

Q. What is a Plan Manager’s role and where can I find one?
A Plan Manager’s role is to manage and monitor plan funding and submit claims to the NDIA on behalf of a participant’s providers. If you choose to be plan-managed, a Plan Manager is funded in your plan and must be a NDIS registered provider. Multicap does not offer plan management services at this time.

Q. How does transport get calculated?

Multicap currently charges for transport using a ‘cent per km’ method. The rate is based on the four categories of vehicle we use at Multicap, as in the table below, and does not include wages of the driver of the vehicle. Our aim is to provide transport support as economically as possible for each person. The rates and vehicle categories are reviewed annually.

Vehicle Category Cent Per Km Rate
4 cylinder passenger car $0.75
People mover (up to 8 seats) $0.90
Bus over 8 seats without a hoist $0.90
Bus with a hoist $1.05

Standard Transport Trips and CAS Outings
We also use a ride-sharing model to help reduce transport costs for customers for general transport activities, meaning we share the number of km's across the number of customers in the vehicle. For example if three customers took a trip of 30 kms we would share the cost by only charging each customer 10 kms.

Bus Run Services
The Bus Run Services operate from various Multicap Hubs where we collect and return customers attending those Hubs. We use a discount model where we do not charge any km’s for driving to the customers house to collect them, nor when we drive the bus back to the Hub on the return journey after we drop the customer home. We use Google maps to calculate the shortest direct route from the customer’s home to the Hub and use that for the number of km's. Even though we collect a number of customers on the bus run the customer will only be charged for the direct number of km’s from their home to our Hub.



The Queensland Community Care program is changing.

The program helps support people who have a disability or condition that affects their ability to manage independently at home or in the community.

You are currently getting support services under the Queensland Community Care program and there are some big changes you need to be aware of effective 1st July 2019.


The NDIS Thin Markets Project is currently seeking input from NDIS participants and providers.


Effective 1 July 2019, new customer fees will take effect for Multicap services.

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