We understand that change can be overwhelming, particularly when it involves finances or services that you rely on, and the NDIS roll out is no different.
Multicap will be here to help you through this transitional period, to navigate the changes, and to walk side by side with you on your journey. We are here for you, in all ways and always. 

Our staff have proudly provided services to people with disability for decades, and will continue to do so under the NDIS as an NDIS service provider. We are excited to tailor our services to your needs, and ensure even better outcomes for you. For those who are not eligible for NDIS funding, Multicap will continue to provide services to ensure all our people continue to receive support services.

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Getting ready for the NDIS

If you receive disability services you will be contacted by the NDIS before your area transitions. If you don’t receive funding from the Government then you can apply to access the Scheme when NDIS comes to your area (1800 800 110).

We are pleased to advise that Multicap is an NDIS service provider, meaning you can choose Multicap services through your NDIS package. Through these packages, our people will have more choice, independence and opportunity than ever before, and will benefit from tailored Multicap services that meet their individual requirements.

To help you prepare for the NDIS, we have developed a My First Plan workbook and Painting The Picture workbook. These workbooks will help you and your NDIS Planner determine what package is best for you, based on your goals and desired outcomes.

We are excited at the opportunities our clients will enjoy as a result of the NDIS, and will continue to strive for exceptional and tailored services.  Find out what tailored services you can receive from Multicap with your NDIS package. Contact our team on 1300 135 886.


The NDIS is an exciting new support system designed to empower people living with disability and their families through individualised funding. Through a personalised NDIS package, you will have greater access to tailored resources that will help you live an enriched life and achieve your personal goals. You choose the services you want, and who you want to provide them, and you can be sure Multicap will be there every step of the way to share the journey with you.

The NDIS is at different roll out stages throughout Australia. The first Queensland trial site, Townsville, began operating on July 1st 2016, and will rollout throughout Queensland between now and June 2019. Mackay has also recently started its roll out. There is a list of roll out dates according to their region in the link at the end of this page.

Who is Eligible? 

There are some residency and disability requirements that you will need to meet to be eligible for an NDIS package.
To receive the NDIS, you need to meet all of the following requirements: 

  • You live with an impairment or condition that is likely to be permanent 
  • The condition means you are unable to participate in activities or perform tasks, or you cannot do so effectively without assistance
    o    Assistance can be from people, technology or equipment
  • Your impairment affects your capacity for social and economic participation
  • You are likely to require support from the NDIS for your lifetime.
  • You are under the age of 65
    o    If you are over 65, you may be eligible for other government pensions or subsidies
  • You are an Australian citizen, a permanent resident, or hold a Protected Special Category Visa as follows:
    o    You were in Australia on 26 February 2001; or 
    o    You were in Australia for at least 12 months in the 2 years immediately before 26 February 2001, and you returned to Australia after that date.

You may need to be assessed for your eligibility. Contact the NDIS to find out how you can get your assessment completed.


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the federal legislation determining this new support system for people with disability. The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is the key governing agency overseeing the implementation and governance of the NDIS. 

What are Reasonable & Necessary Supports

Your NDIS funding can be used to provide ‘reasonable and necessary supports’. But what does it actually mean?

Reasonable and necessary supports are quite simply the services, activities and equipment you need to achieve your goals and live the best life you can as independently as you can. These supports are determined by the NDIS, and will be reviewed based on your personal goals when you are planning your package. It may include funding anything from therapy services to technological and mobility equipment to our support and learning activities.

The NDIA has committed to a principle of “No Disadvantage,” which means if you were receiving supports before you the NDIS you will not be disadvantaged after you transition to the NDIS.  The level of funding and/or supports you receive may be different, but you should still be able to receive the same outcomes with them as you did before the NDIS.

When will NDIS reach my region?

The NDIS is already in trial in Townsville, and will continue to roll out throughout Queensland between now and June 2019. 

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I would like to know more about the NDIS

Click here for your questions and answers around National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The Disability Reform Council

The Disability Reform Council (DRC) has released the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework, a nationally-consistent approach to quality and safeguarding for NDIS participants.

The following principles underpin the framework:
•    Human rights – The Framework is intended to uphold and respect the rights of people with disability
•    The presumption of capacity to exercise choice and control – That all people with disability have the capacity to make decisions and exercise choice and control
•    National consistency – Regardless of postcode, participants can expect the same level of protection
•    Proportionality and risk responsiveness – The level of regulation will reflect the risk of harm
•    Efficiency and effectiveness – The framework will assist the development of an efficient and effective NDIS market”

Click here to read the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework



Multicap invites anyone interested to attend our customer information sessions and ask questions about anything regarding NDIS, and how Multicap can support you throughout your transition.

Please click here for the bilingual NDIS workshop date and time in Brisbane southside. 


North Brisbane – Nudgee Hub

453 Earnshaw Road, Nudgee

November 10 - 10:00am to 12:00pm
November 23 - 5:30pm to 7:30pm

West Brisbane – Mt Ommaney Hub

32 Greenway Cct, Mount Ommaney

November 13 - 10:00am to 12:00pm
November 13 - 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Gold Coast – Robina Respite

3 Dulwich Place, Robina  

November 13 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm
November 27 - 5:30pm to 7:30pm  

Logan – Marsden Respite

15 Third Ave, Marsden  

November 16 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Brisbane – Eight Mile Plains Hub

269 Padstow Road, Eight Mile Plains  

November 15 - 10:00am to 12:00pm  
November 21 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Brisbane – Kuraby Hub 

1490 Beenleigh Road, Kuraby

November 22 - 5:30pm to 7:30pm