Our History

Multicap was established in 1962 by five families who could not obtain suitable support for their children with multiple disabilities.

Starting off in a church hall once a week, the service became popular and the amount of children attending soon grew to 24 and a fundraising group was formed to be able to cater for the increasing numbers. Multicap today continues to expand to meet the needs of community members with disabilities.

Today, Multicap provides support to more than 1,500 families, including some of our founding families. They have ready access to Community Hubs, In Home Support and Supported Independent Living, Short Term Accommodation, Support Co-ordination, Specialised Behaviour Support Services, Housing, Social Experiences and Holidays, Creative Arts and Supported Employment.

Our passion for every individual’s right to connect and realise the possibilities available to them, drives us to always believe there is a way. We create opportunity. We are champions of possibility. We inspire partnerships of support. Our door is always open.

Disability touches the lives of most people in some way, through experiences with our friends, family, at school, in the workplace, and in the community.

Together we are a positive circle of support… In all ways and always.



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