Our Policies


Governance Policy

The Multicap Board ensures that the organisation has in place a contemporary and appropriate governance framework.

It recognises the impact of good governance decisions for customers, their families, representatives and advocates, stakeholders and staff.

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Customer Service Policy

Great customer service is a priority for Multicap so that our customers and those responsible for their care are very satisfied with our support. 

We are focused on enhancing the lives of our customers, through our support and will continually look for ways to improve quality and add value to the services and support our customers choose to access from us.

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Stakeholder Engagement Policy

Multicap is committed to effectively engaging with our stakeholders as a way of discovering new opportunities and addressing issues.

We will engage respectfully, openly and authentically with our stakeholders to ensure shared understanding, identify and address issues, and discover new opportunities to collaborate. Our stakeholders are groups or individuals who can influence or are impacted by our activities (either directly or indirectly) and include communities, government, government agencies and employees.

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Treasury and Financial Sustainability

Multicap understands that careful financial management is essential to ensure the organisation can deliver quality services now and into the future.

We are committed to effectively managing Multicap’s financial risk so that the organisation is sustainable over the long term.

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People and Culture

Multicap will create and maintain a workplace culture that values and enables all employees and volunteers to have a positive experience across all stages of their employment with Multicap. 

We are committed to valuing and respecting our employees and will create and maintain a positive culture and promote integrity, fairness, inclusion, accountability and consistent decision making across all Multicap workplaces enabling us to deliver high quality customer service.

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Health and Safety

All Multicap employees are responsible for ensuring their own health and safety, as well as the health and saftey of our customers and others in our workplaces.
Employees will also comply with any reasonable WHS direction given by Multicap.

We are committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all workers (including contractors and
volunteers), customers, visitors and others who may be affected by our work.

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Information Management

Multicap understands the importance of information being collected, stored and used appropriately.

We are committed to protecting the information rights of the public, our customers, our staff and the organisation and complying with legislation relating to the capture, storage, disposal and use of information.

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Prevention and Responding to Violence, Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation and Discrimination

Multicap works tirelessly to uphold the human rights, safety and wellbeing of our customers. This policy provides guidance to the Multicap Board, management, volunteers and all staff regarding our zero tolerance approach to violence, all forms of abuse, neglect and exploitation.

We have a zero tolerance approach to violence, any form of abuse including sexual abuse, neglect, exploitation or discrimination. We are committed to prevention, early intervention and prompt responses.

Click here to read our Policy on Prevention and Responding to Violence, Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation and Discrimination.


Risk Management

We are committed to continually improve our risk management systems and processes and maximise safety outcomes for all.

All employees, officers, volunteers and contractors have a responsibility to actively participate in Multicap's Risk Management Policy, Risk Management procedure and all policy and procedural documents within the Risk Management framework.

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Asset Management

We are committed to managing our assets sustainability over the long term. We have a strategic role in ensuring safe and accessible assets that contribute to the quality of life of our customers and employees, and that protect and enhance Multicap’s reputation.

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Code of Conduct 

Customers should experience high quality services and support from Multicap.

Our Code of Conduct provides a framework of principles that helps us display the conduct that reflects our commitment to our customers, our communities and each other. These principles are respect for the law, respect for persons, integrity, economy and efficiency, and diligence.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Multicap is committed to creating workplaces that are fair and inclusive, that enable people with all abilities to thrive and achieve their goals, and that reflect the diversity of our customers and employees. 

We are committed to diverse ways of thinking and working, and to continual improvement of customer services and support from access to a broader range of ideas and insights drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives.

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