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Multicap have developed a range of resources to assist staff and families in supporting customers in the event of significant changes around Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The current situation may well see changes in how services are delivered by the various organisations that support people living with disability. We are aware that this type of change may be difficult for some customers to understand so we have prepared different resources to assist their understanding.

A range of Social Stories have been prepared to assist customers to understand what COVID-19 is, the reason for the measures in place, and the reason for the closure of some services. It is encouraged that staff and families present this social story in different ways including a traditional story, a colouring version and a song. This will target customers understanding and engagement.

Evidence for the effective use of social stories

Social stories are a great way of teaching those with learning difficulties (especially Autism Spectrum Disorder) new patterns and getting them ready for change.

Social Stories break down complex messages into smaller, manageable pieces using short phrases and pictures. They work by letting the reader know what to expect ahead of time and allow them to practice and work through new perspectives.

Social Stories are widely used for the education of children and for those with ASD and other disabilities and is seen as an effective way to convey information about emotions, situations and change.

Download Social stories for Coronavirus - Coughing

Download Social stories for Coronavirus - Washing hands

Download Social stories for Coronavirus - What is COVID-19

Download Social stories for Coronavirus - Why I can't go out today

A guide to using social stories

Use the comic version of the social story to convey they bulk of the important information to customers. All other prepared materials work as aids to help with customer’s comprehension of the social story’s message. Use these resources to help customers engage with the content of the story by:

a) drawing their own version

b) colouring in the black and white version

c) listening to the “Stay Inside” song

Play the Stay Inside Song


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