Top Tips For Saving For Your Next Holiday Adventure

Sometimes saving up for a holiday can seem hard, but it’s not impossible. Everyone needs to budget and save for holidays separate to their day-to-day expenses. Here are some of our top tips to help you save for your next holiday:

1. Make sure your holiday is in your NDIS plan

Remember, the provision of disability support staff may be eligible for NDIS funding – so make sure you discuss your holiday plans with your LAC or Support Coordinator and ensure you have these pre-approved in your NDIS plan.

2. Choose the right holiday for you

There is a wide range of holidays available to meet most budgets, even those saving whilst on a disability support pension. The shorter the holiday duration (nights away), the lower your holiday costs will be – so make sure you choose the right length of holiday to suit your budget.

3. Keep an eye out for excluded costs

Most assisted holidays will include activity costs such as accommodation, meals, inclusions listed in the itinerary, flights and transport costs – but make sure you look out for noted exclusions – such as travel insurance and your identified support staff requirements.

4. Plan out your spending money

With all the essentials covered, it’s good to think about what kinds of extras you might like to buy on your holiday. Perhaps you might like to do a spot of shopping, buy a souvenir or send a postcard to your loved ones – planning in advance for those special extras will help you to have an even more relaxing holiday.

5. Be consistent

Consistency is the key to saving. Pick a manageable amount to put away every fortnight and you will be well on your way.



The Queensland Community Care program is changing.

The program helps support people who have a disability or condition that affects their ability to manage independently at home or in the community.

You are currently getting support services under the Queensland Community Care program and there are some big changes you need to be aware of effective 1st July 2019.


The NDIS Thin Markets Project is currently seeking input from NDIS participants and providers.


Effective 1 July 2019, new customer fees will take effect for Multicap services.

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